Welcome To My Kakkoii Site :P

This is my site, I hope you hate it. I didn't really put any time into it but I wanted to put something up, so here it is :)

If you have any questions or comments about anime in general or my site feel free to email me at guyfromhe@anime-chat.com

(01/01/02): HAPPY NEW YEAR
(01/02/02): Got a new chair...yeah I took pics of it... so what -.-
(01/16/02): I took a pic of my new crappy cable modem
(02/19/02): Fake colored hair pix -.-
(03/13/02): I broke my printer got a new one took a pic also made a dvd shelf and pic'ed that too
(03/14/02): Cleaned up my computer area, pics are up lots more comming removed last years whats new
(03/14/02): Should be posting BC pics from last year as soon as I get around to scanning them -.-
(05/29/02): Forget about the BC pics, AnimeNorth pics comming soon.
(08/13/03): Long time no update, been really busy recently, new stuff comming soon...
(04/22/04): Still havn't really updated new pics have been steadily posted I got a new car so new pics of that
(07/01/05): Long time no update, i've added some pics and so forth, updated the about me section and will probably be adding some new things shortly :) BTW I got a new job ^^;
(06/11/08): Ok i've seriously neglected my site, i've been posting new pics but i've not been updating it. Today I posted all my new pics so check out the picture section theres lots there and more comming tomorrow. Also today is my 3rd year at Craig Wireless and i've joined a Taekwondo class in the last month, other than that same old with me.
(01/11/2009): Guess it's a new year, put up a few new pics updated about me and a few other things.. Lost alot of weight :) Will update more when less lazy :P
(11/08/2016): No updates in forever, I started a tech / reverse engineer blog here http://guyfromhe.blogspot.ca/

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